Piano Retailers

Want to invest in training your piano team?
Can't find a suitable course?
Can't afford to loose staff from the workplace?
Can't spare the time?

We may have the answer.

Do you, or does anyone in your organization dream of becoming a professional piano tuner but don't know where to start?

Perhaps a solution is at hand

Interest in owning and playing the piano is as popular as ever, but because of the virtual extinction of piano factories and workshops in the Western world, there has been a demise in the places where piano technology is taught.

Traditionally courses in piano technology run for 2 or 3 years, full time. Students have to make a huge commitment of time and money and often have to move, or travel large distances to get to college.

Usually the courses are wide ranging and cover everything from main stream physics to woodworking skills. Also because of the nature of educational funding they can be padded and progress unnecessarily slowly, with much of the information irrelevant on a day to day basis.

Building on my success as course designer and principle Director of Furtados Institute of Piano Technology in Mumbai, I have designed a fast track streamlined teaching program specifically for piano retailers, designed to enable students to tune a piano by ear in 9 months.

Of course not everyone can be a piano tuner, but if you have normal hearing, a good musical ear and are physically fit, there is every chance you will be able to learn.

By offering in house training at your own workplace, enhanced by regular face to face Skype or FaceTime seminars my integrated tuning program can make your dream a reality.

Using my system I have achieved a proven track record of success with the personal testimonials of successful students to prove it.

To fully master piano tuning to the highest level takes many years of practice but with hard work, a dedicated student with the right training can soon learn enough to set them on course for a career as a piano professional.

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